Chino Lil Durk death

On March 27, the hip-hop industry suffered a tragic loss with the passing of Lil Durk's manager, OTF Chino. The 24-year-old was shot and killed in Chicago's Avalon Park while sitting in his car. Aside from several emotional social media posts, Lil Durk has remained understandably mum on the topic in the media. However, the OTF rapper recently stopped by the XXL offices to give the scoop on his upcoming debut album, Remember My Name, and, as XXL knew Chino personally, the rapper spoke for the first time on the loss of his manager.

"He'll be involved in everything," Lil Durk expressed regarding the LP. "[Chino] and my manager D Thang, they really put everything together. They formatted everything. I would just give them the names and they would format everything. We just keep our heads up and keep going through the music, because if we stop then we're messing everything up. We gotta keep going."

Durk expressed that although he is extremely saddened by the loss of his comrade, he's going to keep pushing on in his honor. With his album set for a June 2 release, he added that Chino had already tied up many of the project's lose ends prior to his passing and will be a huge part of the upcoming effort.

After suffering the loss of close friend and fellow OTF member NuNu last June, Durk says he's going to continue grinding in both of his slain associates' honors. "If we stop, we'll give everybody what they want," the MC said, adding that although he grieves heavily in private, in public his game face is always present. "We just gotta tear up in the room by ourselves and go out the room and be happy."

Lil Durk's debut album hits the streets in just over a month. Earlier this week, accompanied by fellow Chicago native Jeremih, he unleashed the video for the album's lead single "Like Me."

Stay tuned for our full interview with Lil Durk next week, in which he dishes on what fans can expect from Remember My Name and the anti-violence protests he's leading in his Chicago hometown. —Miranda J.