UPDATE (Aug. 13): In a statement to XXL, Chicago Police said that "There was no active shooter" at the United Center.

UPDATE (Aug. 13): United Center has issued a statement to XXL regarding ending Lil Durk's show early. It reads:

"We are working closely with authorities to investigate all incidents from last evening at the WGCI Summer Jam show. It became apparent for all involved that ending the show early was in everyone's best interest as the safety of our guests and employees is a priority. We are thankful that initial incident reports were false and that guests exited the facility safely."


Lil Durk's concert in Chicago didn't go as planned. The rapper's second show at the United Center ended in chaos after cops showed up for a false active shooter call.

Lil Durk Show Ends in Chaos After Police Show Up for False Active Shooter

According to a TMZ report, published on Sunday (Aug. 13), Lil Durk's concert at the United Center was halted after armed police showed up after receiving reports of an active shooter. Details are scarce, but the media outlet reported that Durkio was almost finishing his show on Saturday night (Aug. 12) when chaos erupted and the crowd ran for the exits. Apparently, concertgoers thought they heard gunshots and ran out of the venue. Amid the commotion, fans also looted the merchandise area.

Police eventually arrived at the United Center with rifles as they hunted for an alleged shooter. However, the Chicago Police Department said it was a false alarm. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

XXL has reached out to the Chicago Police Department, United Center and Lil Durk's reps for comment.

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Lil Durk Offers His Response to the United Center Pandemonium

Early Sunday morning, Lil Durk hopped on his Instagram page to address the chaos that happened during his show. He also addressed the fans who helped themselves to merch.

"Don't believe the hype we bigger then big thank you Chicago [goat emoji]," he wrote. "Till next time and who all stole the merchandise tag me so I can repost y'all crazy ass [bandage heart emoji]."

Lil Durk responds to the chaos that happened at the United Center during his concert.

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Watch videos of the mayhem below.

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