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Lil Boosie is not to be tested. The Baton Rouge rapper confirmed he was involved in a fight during the Swishahouse, Boss Hogg Outlawz & Trill Entertainment Ozone Awards After Party at Club Glo in Houston Saturday night.

"Yeah, we had to whoop a nigga ass for like an hour straight," Boosie told XXLmag.com. "It was just usual shit. You know how niggas be gettin out of line? It was just some...recreation."

While rumors say the fight broke over a chain snatching attempt, Boosie wouldn't go into specifics.

"Dudes just come by us, keep trying us," he added. "You know...we whooped all the pants off his ass."

The Boosie incident was one of several brawls that took place during Ozone weekend. DJ Vlad was assaulted by members of Rick Ross' entourage Sunday afternoon and Trae allegedly punched Mike Jones behind the Ozone Awards Media Center Monday night.---Marvin Brandon

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