Lil Bibby is joined by Lil Durk, DeJ Loaf and Kevin Gates for the remix of his banger “You Ain’t Gang.” The four MCs, who are all former XXL Freshmen, each rip their respected verses, rapping about not letting fakes into their circles.

"Bitch I'm an OG, but I'm quick to pull it like a youngin'/In my pockets, all hundreds, run up on me, bitch I'm drummin'/I was thuggin' on the corner with my niggas, came from nothin'/Fuck these bitches, I don't trust 'em, I'm a dog, fuck her cousin," raps Bibby.

Gates closes out the song with a strong verse. "Iron power push a lot of weight/Nah hah you had thought/Breakin' down a whole thang ain't got to stretch it any questions/Ball faze bought for all the Js and I'm 'bout to bless 'em/Female entertainers wanna fuck with gangsta, you ain't special/No karate thord kick spent the TEC with the suppressor," he raps.

Bibby‘s highly anticipated album, FC3: The Epilogueis slated to drop Jan. 27, 2017. FC3 was originally slated for a December 2015 release.

For fans of Bibby’s mixtapes, it also seems that Free Crack 4 is on the way. In late October, the South Shore, Chicago native tweeted, “#FC4 coming.” If you haven't, bump Bibby’s surprise Big Buckz mixtape, which should hold you over until January 27. The eight-track body of work contains previously released songs such as “John Snow,” “Never Go Against the Family” and “Steph.”

Listen to Bibby's “You Ain’t Gang (Remix)” above.

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