D.C.'s own Lightshow plays the role of getaway driver in his new video for "Shoot for the Stars," a standout cut from his Kalorama Heights album.

In the highly stylized Alex Acosta-directed visual, Lightshow drives his pals around to various hideaways and a few other places during a one-night video. It's very much a heist film-esque video with an energetic song to match the pace of the thrill ride.

"Mama said shoot for the stars/Ma look at me I'm a star/Grandma said takeover the world, Scarface said the world is ours/Riding late night through my city/Hundred round chop in the car," he spits on the hook, evoking the sort of images we see in the video

"Shoot for the Stars" is just one track off a project filled with energetic bangers. You can check out the new video and Kalorama Heights for yourself below. Cop the new album on iTunes.

Lightshow's Kalorama Heights Tracklist

1. "Shoot for the Stars"
2. "1,000 Ways"
3. "Burberry Umbrellas"
4. "No Info" Feat. YFN Lucci
5. "Weight On My Shoulders"
6. "Smoke Clouds"
7. "Pull Up Lit"
8. "Pay Attention"
9. "Money, Power & Respect"
10. "Stuck in My Ways" Feat. Big Shaad
11. "The Night Shift Theory"
12. "Ice Cold"
13. "When I Fell"
14. "On the Dresser"

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