Continuing to boost the hype from his recently dropped project last month, Lightshow is unveiling a new set of visuals for his "Burberry Umbrellas" single. The track comes straight off of his Kalorama Heights release and coincides with an entertaining music video.

The video features the DMV rapper addressing his haters head-on, encouraging them to "be better" than to be a hater. During the visuals, we see Lightshow discover that one of his boys makes a move on his girlfriend while the rapper is out of the room. When his leading lady tells him about the betraying deed, the young entertainer decides to set up the dude in a funny way to catch him in the act. Of course, as the title states, the video features some Burberry umbrellas during the shots outdoors.

This is definitely not the first visual release from Lightshow's Kalorama Heights project, as he also previously dropped the music video for his "Shoot for the Stars" record last month, where he played the role of a getaway driver for some rebellious criminals. He also teamed up with YFN Lucci for their "No Info" collaboration last month.

XXL spoke with the rapper back in 2014, where he revealed his musical past as an engineer for other artists, such as Wale, as well as himself. "I engineered the session for Wale when he was working on 'Bait,'" he told us. "And up until 2013, I mixed and mastered mostly all my music," the rapper added.

Watch the music video for Lightshow's "Burberry Umbrellas" record below.

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