A dynamic new artist coming out of Brooklyn right now is Leaf, a 22-year-old MC who's signed to Fool's Gold. She's been releasing a steady stream of new music over the last couple of months and she recently dropped the video for "FWM," off her upcoming Trinity album, which will be her first on Fool's Gold/RPM MSC.

In the video, Leaf channels vintage Hollywood glam. She oozes sex appeal as she croons about self-love over production from Soundz. The visual matches the vibe of the song perfectly.

Leaf previously struck big with her latest singles like “Plate,” “Money,” which was remixed by Pell, and her Lil Yachty-assisted single “Nada.” She previously released her 2015 debut EP Magnet Bitch.

We spoke to Leaf for The Break about linking up with A-Trak and signing a deal with Fool's Gold.

“Basically A-Trak hit me up one day, which was so random and exciting,” she said to XXL. “I actually didn’t even think he was serious. He told me he liked my song and I was like, ‘That’s really dope.’ I didn’t think anything was going to come out of it. He was like, ‘Would you come to this Chromeo concert’ and I found out at the concert that his brother, Dave, told him about my music. It was one of those moments where all of my hard work came to fruition. We kicked it at the concert then the next day, he said, ‘I want to talk to you about being apart of Fool’s Gold.’ I said I was down. I’ve been going to their festivals since I was 14 years old. He even found photo of me when I was younger at their festival. I was so mad ‘cause I looked hit [laughs]. I knew that I was special; it’s great to have someone that noticed it too.”

Watch "FWM (Lie to Me)" below.

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