After dropping his Larry EP in June, the Bay Area's Larry June is back with a follow-up EP, Larry TWO, dropping across all platforms and included below via SoundCloud. The six-track project includes Zacari as the lone guest and closes on "The Scale," a video for the song released earlier this year.

June also drops a video accompaniment to the EP, "Larry TWO (Episode 1)" shedding some light on the recording process as he brings fans into his home studio.

Speaking with XXL in November, June said that his goal is to flip success into music into other endeavors. "Rapping was never my dream," he said. "[My dream] is a little house by the water and my family is good. Rap can do that. I love making music though.”

Earlier this year, June shared an influential record that played a part in his music career with XXL, naming 50 Cent's "21 Questions." "I remember playing it over and over when it first came out…I was in sixth grade going to Riverdale Middle School at that time. I didn't have a girl but for some reason I felt every line [laughs]. Around that time is when I started making music so I can say that album changed my life."

Listen to Larry TWO below, with the behind-the-scenes video a bit further down.

Larry June's Larry TWO tracklist

1. “I’m Just Askin’”
2. “Still Mackin’” feat. Zacari
3. “The Dealer, Pt. 2”
4. “4DEEP”
5. “Sparkling’ Water” feat. Zacari
6. “The Scale”

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