Sometimes, you just have to turn it up. Ohio rapper Lamb$'s music is boisterous and full of energy without losing any lyrical skill. His latest song is "Friends," an absolute banger produced by Tuger.

The song opens with Lamb$ giving himself a pep talk of sorts, before he starts the chorus. "All these tatoos on my face, I can't work for no one else/All them sacrifices, I can't even look back now," he raps, reflecting that life as a rapper is the direction that he's committed to. "I don't fuck with niggas, I can't put friends in my bank account," wraps it up, explaining the song's title.

The first verse plays out like a day in the life of Lamb$. "Had to stay 10 toes down, on the block/That bitch asked some dumb shit, she kicked out the spot," is just a piece of his story. He also pokes fun at other hustler's strategies: "I didn't scale the work, why you mailin' work?" A little later on, he doles out a few threats. "Real ignorant, pull up with a stick/Ask me, I'll fuck that nigga bitch/Broad day, with FN on my hip."

Lamb$ has been in the mix over the last few years. He pitched for the 2018 XXL Freshman 10 Spot. In 2017, he dropped the video for his song "Cold Nights," where he reflects on mistakes he's made in his career. He also spoke to XXL that same year for his turn on The Break and freed his EP Thanks For Nothing.

Check out "Friends" below.

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