The holidays are a time to give, and rapper Lajan Slim definitely got into the giving spirit. Over the holidays, Slim dropped off three new songs: "No Hook 3," "By Myself" and "Snow."

Lajan gets help from a number of producers on his latest songs, receiving contributions from beat makers ItsaSmashHit, Raw Beatz, Chris Major and Blanc Beatz. On "No Hook 3," Lajan raps about the seriousness of his current situation over a piano-driven instrumental. "Says she love me, but I don't feel it, I can't comprehend it/Think I got no feelings/My chest full of ice, know my heart be chillin'/I'm a menace/Ain't tryna catch AIDS, ain't tryna catch a sentence," he rhymes.

The rapper also showcases his rapping on "By Myself," spitting about backstabbers. "Niggas look the other way, boy, you Juda/Left me by myself/You would sell me for silver/Came up, don't need a thing/Cause I did this by myself." He also touches the dope boys with the single, "Snow."

Last year, Slim inked a deal with Def Jam, who quietly re-released a single from the rapper on Spotify and iTunes. The deal was confirmed by Slim when he posted on Facebook, "Got hits and I ain't even put em out @defjamrecords."

XXL also caught up with Florida rapper last year, where he revealed to us his goal in hip-hop. "Be iconic, change lives, touch hearts, make people know that you can come from nothing," he said. "Despite what anybody say about you, it’s about what lies in your heart and in my heart is unconditional love. You can manifest from that. Getting love, taking your love and giving it to somebody else."

Along with his three new tracks, Lajan had previously released two songs earlier this month, dropping off the Yung Lan-produced bangers "Hate Me" and "Magic."

Check out all five songs below.

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