With a new album on the horizon, Kyle is back and dropping off a new banger to tide fans over. The "iSpy" rapper drops his new single, "To the Moon," which marks as the first official single off of his forthcoming studio LP.

The new record features production from Sunny Norway and Austin Sexton, with rhymes from Kyle about looking down upon his haters. The song's title also reflects the 2017 XXL Freshman's journey into success after his breakout year.

"I can see them niggas hatin' from a mile away, hm/They say when they see me they gon' say it to my face, hm," he raps. "I’m up at the top of the hill, they' gon' need a plane, hm/I'm the quarterback, hut hut/I'll be calling plays, hm/Used to star in plays, hm/A jack of all trades, hm/Crib in California every day is a vacay."

2018 is about to be an extra busy year for Kyle, as he is not only gearing up for his performance at Coachella Music Festival in Indigo, Calif. in April, but he also will be starring in Netflix's hip-hop comedy, The After Party. The entertainer plays the lead role in the original series, which is slated to come out sometime later this year.

Take a listen to Kyle's new song "To the Moon" from his forthcoming album in the video below.

Indie-Pop/Atlantic Records
Indie-Pop/Atlantic Records

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