XXL is proud to premiere the new music video for Kur's track "Stuck in My Ways," which appears on his Have Not EP. The Philly rapper gathers his crew for a smoke session while delivering some furious bars over the Maaly Raw production.

"Run up on me nigga, you get shot dead/I'ma spray it if I feel boxed in/Take my number down have it locked in/Work out like I'm wearing dri-fit/In the seven and I'm banging my shit/High as ever, look how red my eyes," Kur raps in the Rick Nyce-directed visual.

Kur tells XXL that he wanted to keep things simple for the music video. He hopes it gives viewers a glimpse at a normal day in his life.

"For the ‘Stuck in My Ways’ video, I wanted to show people how my everyday vibes with my friends are," Kur says. "I was going for the natural and organic look. I wanted people to get a feel of how things are with me and my homies. Nothing too extra, just clean and straight to the point, laughing, smoking, you know."

"Stuck in My Ways" was a natural choice for a music video since it was a unique record from his EP.

“I feel like ‘Stuck in My Ways’ was important to have on the tape because it was different and raw," Kur explains. "It was a Maaly Raw beat like I usually do, but I felt like that was the old me that people wanted back.”

He's got plenty of music on the way as he intends to drop another EP before his album. But until then, fans can enjoy the vibes of his Have Not project.

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