Kur and PnB Rock linked up last month to bring the somber "No Shine" track to life, and now they're back to deliver the video.

The black and white visual opens with a young kid going into his house finding his mother upset. He doesn't want to face reality so he swiftly runs away through the streets, as the clip panels to popular activities found in the ghetto on a daily basis.

The Da 9 rapper appears draped in a hoodie spitting his rhymes on the stoop of a multi-family home. "Up top where the chances are slim/Baby moms, no pampers, no milk/I can't cry over milk that been spilt/What's behind doin' so many bills/Hard times, man, I'm talkin' 'bout filth," Kur opens his brash verse.

PnB's melodic chorus begins to caress the smooth production. "It never shines in the ghetto/It always rains in the hood/Nigga if you came from the hood/Then you probably gon' stay in the hood/Niggas get killed every single day in the hood," the "Issues" artist croons. The J. Rich-directed visual comes to a close with a crime scene surrounded by caution tape, before switching the scene to a death certificate as the clip fades out.

Check out the "No Shine" video below.

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