Kur might be on his way to rap stardom, but he still remembers a time when that wasn't the case, and he would argue with his sister and watch the now defunct TV station, UPN. This is a time he and fellow Philly spitter Eline The MC recall in a new video for a song of the same name. Check out the visual for yourself below.

The video for the cut, which is from his 180 mixtape, finds Kur, Eline and a few others posted up on a bed frame as they smoke and watch TV—presumably, UPN. They're in a tight room, and as we just mentioned, they're sitting on a bed frame instead of a couch or a mattress, so it doesn't look like they're all that comfortable. That's really the whole point of the song, which finds Kur reflecting on the day-to-day difficulties of growing up in a place where his whole livelihood could be stolen at a moment's notice.

"Couldn't fall asleep in the crib, 'cause niggas scheming/Wake up, your whole pack gone, you hot, you steaming/Ask the niggas did they see it, ain't nobody see it/That was work you got fronted, so you really heated/You had to grind that shit back up it wasn't easy," he spits on the track.

The video for "UPN" was directed by Rick Nyce. You can peep it below. Also, be sure to check out what Kur has to say about 180, and his personal highs and lows in our exclusive interview from a little while back.

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