Kur shows no signs of slowing down this summer. After the release of his 180 mixtape in May, the Philadelphia rapper is back with a new project titled Da 9.

Gritty, abrasive and filled with honest stories of his hometown, Da 9 proves why Kur is one of the most exciting new voices coming from the City of Brotherly Love. The mixtape opens up with the Maaly Raw-produced "Who Got Game." The exuberant and in-your-face track sees Kur spitting rapid-fire bars to any and all competitors.

Over the course of the mixtape, Kur ratchets up the momentum with bangers like "I'm Wrong" and "Another Thing." However, he makes sure to get introspective on the soulful outro "Other Side" featuring LIHTZ. As Kur rhymes, "All this shit take time/I know its gon be less sunny days and more gray skies," he takes listeners through the ups and downs of trying to make it out of Philly, and the people lost along the way.

In a 2017 interview with XXL, Kur discussed why he places so much emphasis on his trials and tribulations in his music. "It was a shock to people because people wasn’t saying it exactly how it was or people was sugarcoating it and I just gave my shit to the grit," Kur shares. "Y’all gonna hear it. My whole thing when I’m writing, when I’m playing this shit, I want people’s moms to be like, 'Well, what the fuck did he go through?' or 'Why did he say that?' I want people’s heads to turn. So that’s always been my thing. And then I kinda lost myself from doing that, but I’m back on it. I strayed from doing it, now I’m back doing it."

Listen to Kur's latest mixtape Da 9 below and download it at DatPiff.

Kur's Da 9 Tracklist

1. "Who Got Game"
2. "My Way"
3. "THURL" Feat. Vodka
4. "I'm Wrong"
5. "Another Thing" Feat. Vodka
6. "Lauren's Thoughts"
7. "Enjoy"
8. "Smokers"
9. "Other Side" Feat. LIHTZ

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