Lil Yachty has had a monumental year in just the last 12 months, as he's become a staple artist for features in both the hip hop and pop world. While he is seeing some major milestones, having earned his first No. 1 hit as a featured guest on D.R.A.M.'s "Broccoli" singler last year, he's passing that spotlight to his entourage.

K$upreme has been noted in the past by Lil' Boat as his right-hand, and the two have released a couple of collaborations together, such as their recent "Ten Deep" record. Now, the Sailing Team member is giving his own fan base what they've been waiting for, having just released his new mixtape Flex Muzik. The tape features Chief Keef, Lil Yachty, Kodie Shane and Rich The Kid with production from Shmack Harv, Pierre Bourne, Rob $urreal and K$upreme himself, amongst others. You can stream it below.

During a recent interview, the Atlanta rapper spoke on the project, as well as his influences over the years. "I’m from a different generation than the people who grew up listening to Biggie or Pac or Nas," he says, echoing Yachty's controversial words last year. "I was inspired by like Chief Keef and Lil Wayne and shit."

He also explained his feelings on being popular with the youth, stating, "Man, I don’t know why they like me. I appreciate it though because I love the youth and I love how they love the culture. I think they just see something real happening and it appeals to them."

Take a listen to the new mixtape from K$upreme below to get a taste of his sound.

K$upreme's Flex Muzik's Tracklist

1. "Bout That Money" (prod. Shmack Harv)
2. "Fell In Love Wit The Money" Feat. Lil Yachty (prod. Shmack Harv)
3. "So High" (prod. Rob $urreal)
4. "Uzi" Feat. Chief Keef (prod. K$upreme&Bangs)
5. "Frienemies" (Prod. Isobeats)
6. "Gang" Feat. Rich The Kid (prod. K$upreme&Bangs)
7. "Ridin Around" (prod. TrapMoneyMelo)
8. "Stuck" (prod. Dj Flippp & 12million)
9. "Feeling Okay" Feat. Kodie Shane (prod. Pierre Bourne)
10. "That Guy" Feat. Duwap Kaine (prod. K$upreme)
11. "Swag" (prod. K$upreme)

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