After dropping his single earlier this month, Chinese singer Kris Wu returns with the video for his Travis Scott-assisted track, "Deserve."

The video finds Wu and La Flame surrounded by beautiful women as they post up on a monster truck and a throne. "I got all this money, so I know you won't expect this/Runnin' on the low-low, but I know that you interested/I just made a call, you and your girls is on the guest list," Wu sings over the Louis Bell-produced beat.

During a recent interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1, Wu revealed how the collaboration came to be. "We threw out this idea of collaborating and [Travis] was really down," he said. "He flew out from New York to L.A. and then we met in the studio, kicking it, vibe out a little bit, and then we just got on the record and made this amazing record."

Wu also said being in the same room as the people he's collaborating with is important for him. "You know, I'm based still in China, in Beijing," he said. "I try to fly out every time when I make music. I think it's so important that you wanna be in the room with these people making music together, because that's what it’s all about, especially hip-hop music. I feel like you gotta be vibing. With the right energy, everything comes along."

It seems Wu is right about being in the same room as his collaborators, as the chemistry between him and Travis shows in the song and video for "Deserve."

Check out Kris Wu and Travis Scott's "Deserve" video below.

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