A few years after he first surfaced on the Internet, L.A.'s own KR releases his debut album, It Could Happen. Filled to the brim with dexterous raps and smooth, infectious melodies, the project exemplifies just how blurred the lines between hip-hop and R&B have become.

Way back in March KR gave fans an early taste of It Could Happen, with "Complicated," a track that sees the young rapper exploring the complexities of love while sounding like a cross between Jeremih and Bryson Tiller in the process. On the track he raps, “Don’t know how love’s supposed to feel/Girl, I’m just trying to keep it real/No lie, I thought you knew the deal/I wanna know just where you came from/What yo name is?/Got a man, but now he can’t come/He on that lame shit/I used to think about whatever, say whatever just to get a little closer/I ain’t tripping girl, our love is for the vultures, keep it focused."

It Could Happen features plenty of great melodies and tracks addressing romance, but on  "I Deserve" he addresses the issue of police brutality. We could go on and on describing It Could Happen, but this is a project you've got to hear for yourself, and you can do so by streaming it below.

KR's It Could Happen Tracklist:

1. "Maybe It Could Happen"
2. "Complicated"
3. "Read Your Mind"
4. "I Know"
5. "Say My Name:
6. "That Way"
7. "Onyx
8. "I Deserve"
9. "Represent"
10. "Don’t Leave"
11. "Do Me Like That"
12. "Still Here"

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