Los Angeles rapper KR has racked up some big numbers on digital outlets like SoundCloud, but still remains unknown to much of the hip-hop audience. This is one of the realities of making a name for yourself in the digital landscape while not being signed to major label.

KR hopes to earn some new listeners with his latest single "Complicated" produced by Tim Suby though. The California rhymer was last heard in November when he dropped a video for the track "Bout That." This new cut features a different vibe as KR raps about relationship that has become tricky.

"Don't know how love's supposed to feel/Girl, I'm just trying to keep it real/No lie, I thought you knew the deal/I wanna know just where you came from/What yo name is?/Got a man, but now he can't come/He on that lame shit/I used to think about whatever, say whatever just to get a little closer/I ain't tripping girl, our love is for the vultures, keep it focused," KR raps.

The song definitely has some radio potential, which bodes well for the Los Angele MC KR says he wants to a voice for the voiceless.

"My goal in hip-hop is to bring hope to all the people out there with no voice," KR told XXL. "Sometimes artists forget that their music is therapy for their fans who may be going through something, whether it be struggle, depression, or just a bad day. I want to touch all my fans with every lyric, beat, video and performance."

Time will tell if KR can reach that lofty goal.

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