Brooklyn rapper KOTA The Friend just released a new banger called “Lawn Chair.” Co-produced by BeYoung, the calm and collective track catches KOTA spitting about life and his experiences. The Brooklyn MC said that “Lawn Chair” was inspired by the time he got stranded in the desert.

“Wake up in the morning, the sun is shining, the birds sing/Everyday I'm working, I make a purchase, I things,” Kota raps on the opening verse. “Money on the dresser, I count the blessings and first things first/Mix the vodka with Tropicana and watch Atlanta/That’s the ritual, every morning is dinner food/Know a lot of people that only eat if it’s W.I.C. approved/Used to be stressed, sick of living in cynical/I use to think that shit was more important cause it’s in the news/More propaganda, everybody want a answer/Got people living like their happiness is held for ransom.”

KOTA explained the concept behind the record and addressed his time spent alone.

“This song is like watching life from a lawn chair. When I was stranded in the desert, it was an out of body experience,” Kota said. “It felt like I was watching my life and I felt like this was the perfect track to set the tone for my new project. It feels like the first chapter to the beginning of a story I'm excited to read to all my fans."

The Clinton Hill rapper is making a come up and is trying to stamp his name as another dope Brooklyn MC to look for. His mixtape Palm Tree Liquor dropped last summer and received a lot of great feedback from his core audience. The nine track project consisted on hit songs like “Sunny Day,” “Her,” and “Nose Bleeds.”

KOTA The Friend is set to drop his second project soon with independently through KOTA's imprint FLTBYS. As of now, there is no title or release date for it.

Listen to “Lawn Chair” below.

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