Two years after Koran Streets bared his emotions with You.Know.I.Got.It. (The Album), the Berkeley, Calif. rapper delivers his latest LP, Late 20s.

Earlier today, Koran celebrated the release with a post on Instagram, in which he wrote, "If This Album Dont Get Me Out The Hood 'FUCK IT' I’ll make another one!" On the 15-track effort, the “Running From the Police” artist reflects on his life in poignant and pensive detail.

On the mellow, head-nodding groove "Take Ova," Koran yells out "it's a muthafuckin' takeover." He name-drops Fat Joe, Craig from Friday and Mary J. Blige throughout solid verses. "In the coupe leanin' back like I'm Fat Joe/Treat me like a hoe get your ass smoked," he rhymes.

The frantic banger "Baby" finds Koran serving up rhymes in a menacing tone. "Yo, back up in this bitch like I never left/Kick the bitch out the house like she Jazzy Jeff/Baby I'm on fire, I know I'm hot to death," Koran raps.

Recently, Koran Streets released a video for “The Preface,” a personal loosie that didn’t make the final cut of the album. The Luis Montoya and Streets-directed video featured Koran playing chess with a member of the Ku Klux Klan. The visual proved the “Slick Rick” rapper was out to leave a lasting impression.

Listen to Koran Streets’ Late 20s below.—Christopher McManus

Koran Streets' Late 20s Album Tracklist

1. “Late 20s Intro"
2. "Movin’ Slow”
3. “Sincerely Yours”
4. “Black Bandana”
5. “Dope Spot”
6. “Fallin’ & Ballin’”
7. “Baby”
8. “Return of the Mack”
9. "Sucka MC’s”
10. “Take Ova”
11. “845”
12. “Rock the Party”
13. “2800”
14. “Corner Store”
15. “O.G.”

You.Know.I.Got.It / Steady Leanin
You.Know.I.Got.It / Steady Leanin

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