Kool A.D. hopes his words can prevent a Donald Trump presidency. The rapper penned a letter to the Electoral College in which he pleads for the members to not vote Trump.

"I understand that as I write this letter, as many as six of your fellow electors have vowed to cast their votes against their states’ popular vote for Donald Trump on the 19th and instead with the national popular vote against him," he writes. "I commend their bravery and commitment to justice and I urge you to follow suit and vote against Trump as well, as is your right as an elector and, I will argue, even your duty."

The letter includes a long list of reasons for why Trump should not be the president. Kool A.D. references all of the white nationalists supporting Trump as well as the president-elect's myriad of conflicts of interest. The former Das Racist member also notes his concern for the safety of his friends and family.

"As a person of color with numerous Muslim, Middle Eastern, Latino, gay, black, Jewish and Asian friends and family members, as an American citizen whose family and community is exemplary of the diversity this nation has given much lip service to treasuring but all too often (especially of late) painfully little muscle to defending, and most importantly, as a father of a beautiful two-year-old baby girl, I am deeply concerned for the safety of my family and friends," he writes. "I am deeply concerned about what kind of country and what kind of world my daughter will grow up in."

You can read Kool A.D.'s entire letter here. It is an informative read that's worthy of your time.

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