Kodak Black is one of the most unique characters in hip-hop because of his unfiltered nature. There is nothing fake about Kodak; he is who he is -- mistakes and all. The Pompano Beach, Fla. native is a brilliant rapper who has both lyrical dexterity and impeccable delivery. With mixtapes such as Heart of the Projects (2014), Institution (2015) and Lil B.I.G. Pac (2016) in his catalog, the 2016 XXL Freshman has built himself a strong following. Over the past year, his antics (from being locked up to his Instagram Live shower fumble) have increased his reach and popularity -- both on and off social media. People just can't get enough of him

He's regularly posting on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter and he doesn't sugarcoat anything he says on any platform. Whatever is on his mind, he says. Whatever he wants to do, he'll take action. Whether that means showing off his money, his jewelry, sounding off about a topic or dancing, Kodak shares what he wants with the public. As a result of his frank behavior, there's been more than a few moments that made headlines.

Most recently is his bizarre discussion on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club. The interview was not only his first on the show but also the first interview he's had since his release from prison last year. After watching, it's clear to see Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Lee and DJ Envy were not expecting the outcome.

Before that radio interview, Kodak challenged Lil Wayne to fight, said he's better than 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G. and ran from the police. So, XXL takes a look back at Kodak Black's wildest moments. Check them out below.

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    The Breakfast Club Interview

    Kodak Black was a guest on The Breakfast Club and it’s one of the greatest interviews the show’s ever seen. Throughout the dead silence, awkward moments and one-word answers, Kodak is completely unfiltered.

    The interview starts with a question about why he chose to go at Lil Wayne and follows up with how he got his name, his spirituality, being uncircumcised and a whole lot more. At the end of the interview, he says he's “2Pac resurrected.”

  • 2

    Exposes Himself on Instagram Live

    While Kodak was filming himself in the shower on Instagram Live, he dropped his phone. The camera captured Kodak's exposed body, driving the internet crazy. Soon after, a very not safe for work photo made its way around social media.

    As for the rapper himself, Kodak posted a response about the moment on Instagram, writing, “Lol I Got Alll You Niggas Ol’Ladies Zoomiing In Tryna See My ‘Lil Kodak.'”

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    Says He’s Better Than 2Pac and The Notorious B.I.G.

    In a bold tweet, Kodak went on Twitter to claim that he’s better than two of the biggest names in hip-hop.

    “I’m better than Pac and Biggie,” Kodak Black wrote.

    Kodak doubled down on that thought during his XXL 2016 Freshman Class profile.

  • 4

    Wants to Fight Lil Wayne

    Inspired by the upcoming boxing match between Chris Brown and Soulja BoyKodak challenged Lil Wayne to a boxing match.

    “Ay listen here man. Tell Lil Wayne fight me, know what I’m saying,” Kodak says in an Instagram video. “We finna get in the ring, we finna fight–me and Lil Wayne. I’m finna knock that stupid ass nigga out. And if he whoop me, he the best rapper alive, ya heard me?”

    Kodak adds, “Tell Lil Wayne fight me in the ring. And I’m gon’ beat his stupid ass and I bet everything on it. Since Soulja Boy and Chris Brown doing it, I don’t even need no trainer. I don’t need Floyd Mayweather, Adrien Broner,” Kodak continued. “I’m finna beat Lil Wayne stupid ass, watch!”

    This is Kodak’s second time coming at Weezy in as many days. Yesterday, the rising rap superstar uploaded a video of himself telling Lil Wayne to “eat my ass.”

    As for Wayne, he claims he doesn’t even know who Kodak is.

  • 5

    "Broccoli" Saga

    Las month, Kodak called out Lil Yachty and D.R.A.M. for using the word “broccoli” in their music.

    “Man, what the fuck, man?” Kodak said after playing a clip of D.R.A.M.’s song "Broccoli." “Who these niggas is jocking my lil’ swag, man, talking bout broccoli, man. Nah, I’m saying you niggas don’t smoke broccoli. Look for now on, man, I don’t smoke broccoli no more. I smoke cantaloupe since y’all square ass niggas tryna jack the swag. I smoke cantaloupe now.”

    However, the slang has been popular in hip-hop for years. E-40 made it known that he’s been using “broccoli” since the 1990s.

    40 Water went on Instagram and posted a clip from his 1993 music video for “Practice Lookin’ Hard.” The Bay Area representer added the caption, “In 1993 I refer weed as BROCCOLI On my song ‘Practice Looking Hard’ In 1998 I made a song called ‘BROCCOLI’ On my Gold double album ‘The Element of Surprise’ #PROBLEMSOLVED #BROCCOLI Fuck beef get money!”

    In case you missed it, this entire situation began when Lil’ Kodak was released from prison and listened to D.R.A.M. and Lil Yachty’s hit single, “Broccoli,” for the first time.

  • 6

    Wants to Take T.I.'s Daughter to Prom

    While Kodak was visiting Dr. Miami’s office last May, he shared that wanted to take Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner or T.I.’s daughter Zonnique to prom. The rapper went on to imagine T.I. calling him (or not) in the wee hours of the morning and inquiring about his daughter’s whereabouts. “That’s not your business bro,” jokes Kodak as he mimes being on the phone with Tip.

  • 7

    Runs From the Police

    After police spotted Kodak buying weed from two men outside of a building known for drug sales, the North Florida rapper sped off, running a red light before finally being pulled over in April of 2016. Cops claims they saw Kodak throw a gun in a dumpster and booked him before later recovering the loaded glock 23 .40 caliber pistol. At the time, he was being held on more than $5,000 bond. Luckily for him, the incident is behind him.

  • 8

    Moons Fans While Performing

    In a bizarre scene at a show, Kodak Black mooned concertgoers who attend the event during his performance. While fans were rapping his lyrics, Kodak just gradually turned around and pulled down his pants. It seemed like a fun juke but strange nonetheless.

  • 9

    Films His Friends Getting Oral Sex

    Kodak gave no fucks when he filmed one of his boys receiving oral sex from a naked woman. Project Baby broadcast the event on his Instagram live and even added commentary in the background.

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