Kodak Black has taken sporting event suite lifestyle to another level at a recent NHL hockey game.

Last night (Jan. 11), Kodak began trending on social media after video footage surfaced on the internet of a woman rapper named VVsnce gyrating on his lower region while they were in their luxury box seats at the Florida Panthers game against the Vancouver Canucks. Kodak's seats were actually next to the Panthers’ executive box.

A Panther season ticket holder, @David954FLA on Twitter, is the person who recorded Yak and shared the now-viral tweet, which has over 30,000 likes and more than 14,000 retweets, from his seat on the opposite side of the FLA Live Arena.

The ticket holder captioned his tweet, "I think Kodak found something better to do at the Panthers game."

In a follow-up message, he confirmed that Kodak was not having sex in the clip he recorded.

"Considering this is everywhere, I want to point out the fact that they were not having sex. Multiple other videos confirm this," the man wrote. "Please stop spreading lies."

From the initial video of Kodak and VVsnce, it was unclear what was actually happening. Some thought Yak and VVsnce were having sex, and it wasn't until a close-up video of them was shared by the rapper himself, showing that they were both fully clothed and she was grinding on him rather intensely.

Apparently, Kodak and VVsnce were on their second date. In Instagram Story posts shared by the rising rapper, she and Kodak were sitting ringside at the hockey game, at first.

"Don't play with us," she says. "Front row shit."

In a second video, the Panthers' mascot is seen taking a photo with a fan while Project Baby appears to be enjoying the game. She captioned that IG post, "Our second date," including a heart eyes emoji. "First was the studioooo," adding a tongue-out and two evil grin emojis.

VVsnce, who referred to herself on her IG posts as "Mrs Kapri"—a reference to Kodak's real last name, Bill K. Kapri—also shared clips on her social media of herself and Yak in the studio, as well as audio of a song she has with the South Florida native. Kodak has shared video of them in the studio also.

While VVsnce said the viral video is from their second date, it's unclear how long they've actually known each other.

On another note, towards the end of last month, the "Super Gremlin" rhymer celebrated his unborn daughter Yuri at a baby shower with his girlfriend, real estate agent Maranda Johnson. At the event, Kodak gifted Maranda with a large diamond ring. This was the same function where Kodak Black received backlash after a photo of a woman twerking in front of his 6-year-old son began making its rounds online.

Since these videos of Kodak at the hockey game with VVsnce have emerged, the current status of Kodak and Maranda are unclear. However, their baby girl is due to arrive in the earlier part of this year.

See some reactions to Kodak Black being danced on while at the Panthers game below.

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