Kodak Black quickly went from a local phenomenon to being on cusp of national stardom. If you are one of those people trying to make sense of his rise, BET's mini-documentary series Prelude might have the answer to your question.

The mini-doc explains Kodak Black's journey in his own words along with the insight of family and Florida tastemaskers. Prelude sees the Pompano Beach rapper explaining his rough life in the projects and how it led him to becoming a rapper.

One part of the documentary sees Kodak Black's mother recalling a conversation the two had when he was getting trouble in school for doing music in class. When she asked whether he's gonna focus on school or music, Kodak told her that music is his life.

Later on, the documentary hones in on the Floridian's ascent in the rap game. DJ Spade and DJ Secret describe how Kodak Black's "No Flockin" blew up, making the young rapper a local star. But when Drake was seen dancing to Kodak's "SKRT," his profile skyrocketed. Surprisingly, Kodak doesn't seem to care to much about the powerful co-sign.

"I heard about, but I didn't know what that did," Kodak says. "I just knew that was Drake, so... You trying to show you fuck with me or what? We ain't never talked on the phone, like he was texting me and shit. I'm direct with it. So, if you're trying to show me that you fuck with me, call me. Throw me on your album so I can get me some royalties."

If you are still unfamiliar with Kodak Black's work, check out his latest mixtape Institution.

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