Kodak Black's lawyer has given fans an update on the 19-year-old rapper's status from behind bars.

Brett Clarkson of The Sun Sentinel reached out to Brad Cohen, Kodak's new attorney who he hired after firing his previous two layers, Gary Kollin and Allan Stephen Zamren, at the start of his last hearing, and this is what Cohen had to say.

"Dieuson is doing great, he was transferred to the location where the Life skills program is given," writes Cohen in a note Clarkson posted to Twitter. "He has enrolled in life skills and we anticipate him completing it in the next 30 days. After that program is completed, I believe with his gain time and credit for time he has already served he should be released. We are excited the Judge gave him a chance to demonstrate that he can abide by the terms and conditions of his plea. I am grateful that I was hired for his sentencing after he fired his previous attorneys to assure he didn't get years in prison."

Kodak, born Dieuson Octave, is currently located at the Joseph V. Conte Facility, roughly 20 minutes north of the Broward County Jail. Records show his expected release date is July 20, but depending on when he starts and completes his life skills course, he might be out even earlier than that.

A few weeks ago, Kodak was found guilty of five counts of violating his house arrest. He was sentenced to a year in county jail, but Judge Michael Lynch said if Kodak completed a life skills course, his sentence would be reduced to 180 days. The time Kodak's already spent behind bars would count for that shortened service, and since it would add up to almost six months, he would be released.

See Clarkson's tweet with the statement from Kodak's lawyer below, and after that read Clarkson's live tweets from the courtroom on the day Kodak was sentenced.

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