These days, it's easy to mishear or even not understand certain rap lyrics. Kodak Black recently found himself in a peculiar place when he misheard a Future lyric, thinking the Atlanta rapper was talking about being with men. So, instead of logging onto the Internet and going to RapGenius, he decided to go to the source while on Instagram Live.

The line in question is from the song, "Coming Out Strong," off Future's HNDRXX album. On the song he raps, "It's hard to tell the real stories from the fake ones (stick)/'Cause nowdays if they don't got it they'll make one (still com-)/The only time I feel alive when is I take (stick)."

The Project Baby was puzzled about that last part. "I gotta call my nigga Future, 'cause we be talking like business shit, like CEO shit," Kodak said to his IG followers. "On some real nigga shit, like want to see a young nigga win and shit. But I gotta hit him up and ask him this question and shit...I'm doing it on [Instagram] Live I probably shouldn't have even did this on Live."

Hendrix picks up and puts Kodak's worries to rest when he reveals the "stick" he is referring to is a pill. The "Tunnel Vision" rapper looks relieved.

The two rappers have formed a bond recently. Future put Kodak on his Nobody Safe Tour, but eventually had to remove him from the lineup when the Florida rapper ran into his legal issues and couldn't travel.

Last month, they collabed on the song, "Boost My Ego," which will be on Kodak's upcoming mixtape, Project Baby 2.

Check out the video of Kodak calling Future below.

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