Kodak Black is still locked up but that's not stopping his team from keeping his name out there. Their latest move is the release of a music video for "Fed Up" off Kodak's Institution mixtape. The video employs some dark and trippy visuals which complement Kodak Black's raps. "Fed Up' features the young rhymer spitting his truth in a deliberate manner.

"I just asked my homie could he help me bounce back/Shit so fucked up he ain't even hit me back/Everything good right now but I was on my back/I'm good though, I just had to see if ya had my back/Fam just caught a charge and he took the time and rolled/T-Bird went down, he bitched out and told/Outfit caught an L and that pressure made him fold/How come street niggas ain't living by the code/I'm so iced out fucked around and caught a cold/I done ran my bands up, I just came from up the road/I'm so fed up of these petty ass hoes/I'm so fed up, I'm blowing kush out my nose/All these bitches want a lil piece of my thang/All these niggas want a lil piece of my fame/I'm so fed up, I put codeine in my drank/All this stress I feel stranded in the rain/Got me in the booth, I'm rapping my pain," Kodak Black raps.

Videos for past releases aren't the only material fans will be getting from Kodak Black this month despite his legal troubles. The Pompano Beach native recently announced a new mixtape called Lil B.I.G. Pac. That project is scheduled to drop on June 11.

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