Kodak Black has gone dark on Instagram following a few controversial weeks.

On Sunday (March 24), fans who visited the rapper's IG page were unpleasantly surprised. The "Zeze" rapper has wiped his page clean. Instead of seeing photos and videos from the South Florida rhymer, they were greeted with the "Sorry, this page isn't available" prompt.

The reason for the deactivation is unclear but Kodak has been using the app to ruffle more than a few feathers recently. Last week, he hopped on IG Live and regaled fans with a story about how he allegedly punched and tried to shoot Onyx rapper Sticky Fingaz.

"I ain't like his old head energy 'cause I don't really like old people like that," Kodak revealed. "I punched that nigga dead in his shit. I grabbed his bag, right. I threw it. Then I went in that bitch. He had a gun in there, dog...When I tried to shoot the nigga, his gun was fake. I said, man, what the fuck? So he went running. At the same time, why you running for if you know your gun fake? This nigga a actor nigga, man."

A few days later, he added to his strange situation with Young M.A by calling the rapper cute. A few days ago, he received backlash for telling his followers he's on the same level as Nas, Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.

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