Kirko Bangz is the newest signee to 300 Entertainment. Kirko has signed to 300 as part of the label’s new strategic partnership with Unauthorized Entertainment/LMG Music Group.

“I had a lot of success with Todd Moscowitz with ‘Drank In My Cup,’ and I’ve been working with Selim for over four years, so doing this partnership with them is just like I’m going back to the home team. I feel like LeBron James, except I’m going to win the championship," Bangz said. "This is the #LMGTakeover.”

The former XXL Freshman drops his first single, "Worry Bout It," off his debut album Bigger Than Me. The LP is scheduled to come out in 2016. "Worry Bout It" sounds like an updated version of "Pony," which was Ginuwine's 1996 breakout single. However that's not a slight. The auto-tuned single is pretty radio friendly, especially with Fetty's crooning on the hook.

"Baby girl, you know you fine/Just hit me on the line when you pull up to the house/And it's going down, we don't gotta play around/Say we ain't gotta tell nobody I can keep a secret easy as counting 1, 2, 3/You ain't gotta worry/'Bout another nigga knowin' you a freak," raps Kirko in his first verse.

They work really well together. Kirko's melodic rapping flow matched with Fetty's charismatic singing makes "Worry Bout It" pop and very catchy. The last project we received from Kirko Bangz was the fifth installment of his Progression series that dropped in December last year. Listen to "Worry Bout It" above.

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