Kirk Knight, Pro Era's most talented beatsmith, just couldn't keep it to himself anymore. Parside's own dropped the previously unreleased album Dust [2013] today (May 20) on Bandcamp. The ten-track album provides sonic vibes of all sorts, from calming coasting piano runs and soulful '60s era R&B samples to bass-heavy riffs obviously inspired by boom-bap. The playlist even features sparse guest vocals from Knight's friend and collaborator A$AP Ferg.

"Unreleased work that I felt had to come to light. I want everybody to Spread it like wildfire," wrote the Pro Era producer/rapper on Twitter as he shared the new playlist.

Kirk dropped his debut project Late Night Special last October with "Knight Time," "Brokeland" and "Five Minutes" featuring Joey Bada$$ as standouts. And even before that, Kirk was making all the right noise, whipping up some beats for Bada$$'s debut album B4Da$$ with "Big Dusty" and "Hazeus View." The talented 20-year-old has been touring with his Pro Era cohorts and DJing around NYC too. Fans can catch Kirk, as well as the rest of the Pros, during their second annual STEEZ Day Festival honoring their fallen Pro Capital STEEZ. The fest was just announced earlier this week to take place in Los Angeles this year. Other acts slated to take the stage at STEEZ Day 2016 include the A$AP Mob, Danny Brown and Raury.

Fans can stream Dust [2013] on Bandcamp above and purchase all the tunes for just $7.

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