The cover and tracklist for Kirk Knight and Nyck Caution's Nyck at Knight album is here. Check out the cover up top, and see the back cover and the tracklist for the upcoming joint album below.

The new project by Nyck @ Knight will be short and sweet at eight songs in length, and "Audiopium" will feature the entire Pro Era Records team. Other than that, there isn't really much to say as far as the specifics of the album go, since there isn't any information about producers on the project, other than the fact Knight's executive-producing it. It was recorded at Lost Studios in Brooklyn, mixed by Trevor Wright and mastered by Dan Millice.

One thing this project does seem to point to, though, is the possibility of a new Pro Era album in the near future. Joey Bada$$ spoke on the progress of the new project a little while back.

“Alright, I guess I’ll just let the cat out the bag now” said Joey. “I think it’s a perfect time to since people think we all not doing anything. We’re working on the album. We’re gonna put out a Pro Era album real soon. King Capital is also coming real soon. But, yeah, we back on our shit. I ain’t gonna lie, there was a period of time where we were just really trying to figure it out. Everybody was young. Everybody was growing, becoming adults. We started this shit as kids. We kinda had to allow that grace period for all of us to really fall into ourselves and we’re definitely at that point now and we coming back stronger than ever. This album sounding crazy. I don’t even want to overhype it or do anything, but great stuff. [2017] for sure.”

Check out the tracklist and back cover for Nyck at Knight below. Peep an Instagram post announcing a release party for the project below that.

Kirk Knight and Nyck Caution's Nyck at Knight Tracklist

1. "Off The Wall"
2. "All Night"
3. "No One Seems to Care"
4. "Dial Up"
5. "Perfect Murder"
6. "Headlights"
7. "Audiopium" Feat. Pro Era
8. "Wake Up"

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