Pro Era fans are getting a gift in 2017. Nyck Caution has announced that he fellow Pro Era member Kirk Knight are working on a collaborative project. Caution took to social media on Monday (Dec. 26) to share the news.

"Nyck @ Knight already got like 4 songs done," Caution wrote on Twitter.

Caution and Knight both kept busy in 2016 with their own solo releases. Caution dropped his Disguise the Limit album back in February while Knight surprised fans with his previously unreleased Dust 2013 project.

Knight also celebrated the one-year anniversary of his Late Knight Special album by releasing a new song called "10,000." The song gave some shine to Knight's lyrical prowess since he's more known for his work behind the boards.

"Yo, mask on nigga, I'm feeling like Stanley Ipkiss/TM collect the advance and then we dip quick/Left with the bitches, liquor, weed and them bands/Had that white van with mad cash back to the campus/Pay my demand like Vincent Van, I need answers/But we on camera, shh, only police can say/Freeze, hands up to innocent bystanders/When I hold the mic they understand the rest is just slander/I remember when my only option was following scammers/Or, being another MC that gotta hold the hammers/So I said fuck all that other shit gotta get my grammar up," Kirk raps.

Knight has released a video for "10,000," which you can check out below. XXL will keep you posted on the status of he and Caution's collaborative project as we head into 2017.

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