The past year for King Louie has been fantastic. After signing with Epic Records in May of 2012, Louie dropped his Drilluminati mixtape at the end of the year and his March Madness series this past April. He then went on to be featured on Kanye West’s album Yeezus this past June, donating the hook and a noteworthy verse to "Send It Up" while kicking it in Paris with West's whole crew, an experience he detailed to XXL shortly after the album dropped. Now the Chi-town emcee is dropping his highly anticipated mixtape Jeep Music today, a precursor to his upcoming major label debut. King Louie swung through the XXL offices to give a breakdown on what to expect from his mixtape.—Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)

XXL: Saw the video drop for your "Hang Wit Me" freestyle, it was crazy.
King Louie: Yeah man. Just something to put out. Just to let them know I still got it and show them like I still got the city for this shit. It’s still my city of Chicago. I’m still a king.

Tell me about Jeep Music.
Jeep Music is just something I’ve just been working on. Shit I slam in my Jeep Cherokee. Hopefully they give me a motherfucking endorsement or something. All jokes aside, if they want me to do something for them on their sale for the jeep or whatever. But that’s just what I listen to, just what I like. I like that car. I feel like if you got a jeep, drive fast in your car and listen to this music. It'll make you drive fast.

Tell me about some of the tracks on the mixtape.
I got a joint called “Summer Dress” that’s hot. I got another joint called “Made Music” that is like bar for bar, just straight spitting, no verse. I was going in on that shit. I got a joint that's quick sixteen or something, it’s called “Time,” that’s hot. I got a joint, I re-did “Nice and Slow” by Usher, which is just something to have fun with. Just to show my versatility with all that. Who else I got? I got a bunch. It’s only like nine, ten songs I'ma put on that joint. So I’m trying to see. I got another one called “So Many Hoes” it’s just about all my girls and shit, you know, it’s dope. I got a joint called “Beam” it’s crazy. I got a joint called “Activist” it’s bananas, Wale had tweeted about it. I had seen Wale and shit, he was in Chicago, he had to do something like [a photo shoot]—we was doing that shit and Wale had came through and he said the shit dope. So I just got a bunch of shit man. Some tracks I might just put out just to give to the people 'cause they ain’t heard nothing from me since March Madness. So I just want to feed them, and everybody that’s listening to the Yeezus track, I want them to see it ain’t just me. I could go this route, whatever. It’s a dope, it’s a fun project.

Shout out my whole MUBU gang. Cash Dro, Chico. God dammit, shout out KatieGotBandz, my little sis. She actually in New York now. She out here, she had a show in Brooklyn the other day I believe. I wasn’t here but I was like I know she rocked out though that’s my little sis. Shout out the whole Lawless Inc, you know what I’m saying, the whole team the whole family. We just tryna do it, make it an epic year at the end of the year and then turn around and then 2014 going to be our year man.

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