Yesterday, King Los and Lola Monroe welcomed their first child together to the world. Now, the rap royalty have revealed that the name their newborn son.

Yesterday, Los spoke exclusively to XXL about the birth of his son, revealing that he and Lola have named him Brixton Royal Coleman. He explained that he actually got the name from a friend, who suggested it to him when Lola was three months pregnant.

"It's a great feeling, man. It's the greatest feeling on Earth," he said. "We actually already had the name well before we had him. When [Lola] was already about three months pregnant, we already had the name. My best friend came up with it - the name is Brixton, and his middle name is Royal. Brixton Royal [Coleman]…I don't know [how she came up with the name], she just said it and I stole it."

Los also spoke about him and Lola balancing their music careers with their new-found parenthood. He said that while they don't have any plans to delay their upcoming mixtapes - Los' Becoming King and Lola's Lipsticks and Pistols - their main priorities are raising their son and enjoying the perks of their new family. He also said that even though he's less that a day old, Brixton already has friends in Tyga and Blac Chyna's son King Cairo Stevenson and Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz.

"It's really right back to work [for Lola and I]. As soon as she can - she already has a complete mixtape [Lipstick and Pistols] ready, so she kind of was making everything before she even knew she was going to have the baby, so she will have material out…I'm on her mixtape a few different times…we both have big mixtapes coming out . I've got Becoming King coming out and [Lola] has Lipstick and Pistols. Once we drop those…we basically go tour and we just do that whole thing. Raising our son is [the biggest] priority of 2013, just watching him grow and getting ready to have a Christmas with him."

He continued. "Then he has cousins like Sebastian, who's Wiz [Khalifa's] son, and then Tyga hit me up today. We're real cool with him and his baby's mom; they just had their baby, so all the babies are close in age, so they'll be real tight, too."

UPDATE: King Los and Lola Monroe also released the first photo of their newborn son Brixton Royal to XXL.


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