Six months removed from unloading his Surrender Your Soul projectKILLY is back. Today, the Toronto artist unloads KILLSTREAK, a new EP filled with the melodic stylings that helped push him to his current status as a rap star.

Checking in at five tracks, KILLSTREAK was produced by WondaGurl, and it includes additional production from the likes of Y2K, FrancisGotHeat and a few others. Loaded with confidence and spurts of Auto-Tune-laced melody, every track on KILLSTREAK slaps, especially "Anti Everybody," a song that finds KILLY flaunting his independent spirit.

KILLSTREAK marks KILLY's second official project, and, based on the streams for his first effort, it feels safe to say this new EP will also do really well. His success is something Killy attributes to his diverse upbringing.

"I've lived in White suburbia, I've lived in the hood," KILLY explained while stopping through XXL's Manhattan office this past spring. "Both sides of the country. I have friends all across the board. Some of my friends shoot guns, some of my friends play Pokémon. It doesn't matter."

He continued, "So, me being able to maneuver with all these types of people has just allowed me to connect to a greater amount of people faster, 'cause, like, I've worn your shoes. I've seen through your glasses. I've walked that path before. And it just gets to a point where the majority of people can relate to me somehow. My music—it's not like, one-dimensional. As you heard, there's different instruments—different themes, styles. Somewhere, someone can connect to at least one thing."

Check out KILLSTREAK for yourself below.


1. Chupacabra
2. Anti Everybody
3. Earned It
4. Hellraiser
5. Beautiful Pt. 2

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