"And now you niggas gotta do a cat album." Snoop Dogg's immortal charisma is always on display on GGN, the Youtube series in which he plays Nemo Hoes, the world's waviest news anchor. His guest this week was recent White House guest Killer Mike. Aside from being one of the few guests whose illicit gifts impressed the Doggfather, Mike spoke at length about the meaning behind the video for "Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck." The clip for the Run the Jewels song stars Shea Whigham and Keith Stanfield and depicts a bitter stalemate between a Black man and a police officer. "I knew my partners that was heavy on the pro-Black shit wasn't gonna fuck with it on the first look," Mike explains. "Niggas hit me up like, 'Why you got it looking like the police and Black people are equal?' Because what it is, is it's purgatory." He goes on: "Every day, man, I get up, I could be the most accomplished musician in the world, I could be a professor, I could do this and still, man, when the police get behind my car, I tense the fuck up like a rubber band."

Mike also spoke about his meeting El-P, and how he first became involved with Outkast. On Big Boi promising him a deal, Mike remembers, "I said 'cool,' then went back to selling weed." Beyond that, the pair spent considerable time discussing Bay Area legend JT the Bigga Figga. Later, Snoop, whose Bush was just released, sums up his life's mission: "I just love to have fun, Mike. That's what I was born to do."