Killer Mike doesn't suffer fools. From his incisive work on he and El-P's Run The Jewels records to his vitriolic post-Ferguson appearance on CNN, the Atlantan is not one with whom you fuck around. So it comes as no surprise that his love for authenticity (and distaste for anything less) bleeds into the rest of his life, including his childhood heroes.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Mike ran down his history as a professional wrestling fan. Hip-hop has a long history with the spectacle that is WWE and all its predecessors, and it only make sense that the man who just name-dropped Jake "The Snake" Roberts. Mike listed some of his favorites--Chris Benoit and the Four Horsemen feature prominently.

There were some pretty bitter barbs hidden in the nostalgia trip, though. Of Hulk Hogan, he had the following to say: "I never liked Hogan because I don’t think he was the true champion like Ric Flair. I also felt like he was lying to me, and he proved the latter to be true. I prefer a real villain to a false hero." Words to live by.