Kid Ink just unleashed a song he hinted at earlier this week. His latest, "Tell Somebody," is now released, featuring production by Dez Wright.

"First off, know I ain't the type to go kiss and tell, late thing/And I'm so drunk that if I try it I misspell, late thing/And you so drunk that you dance to like everything to come home/We been mixing up these feelings with Hennessy and Patron," Kid Ink slickly describes on the song, setting the scene of a woman he met at a party.

The track will appear on his currently untitled album, slated for release in the second quarter of 2018. Kid Ink spoke to XXL late last year and shared a lot of details about his future plans. The new album will feature appearances from his old friends. "With the new album coming up, I feel like I definitely been keeping it home team, you know, working with a lot of producers, writers and artists that are just around me more than anything," the former XXL Freshman explained eagerly. "Ty [Dolla $ign], Hitmaka, I've been in the studio a lot with Jeremih; people that I just vibe with."

Kid Ink also expressed that he wants to clean up his music a bit, thanks to his daughter. He is planning to rethink how he talks about women on tracks, because his child sings his lyrics. "She's at a point now where she listens to the songs so much, she repeats the words and sings along," he told XXL. I didn't expect that so early, but she does it. When she hears 'Swish,' I have to play the clean version, because the unclean version is crazy."

Listen to Kid Ink's "Tell Somebody" below.

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