Kid Ink brings 2 Chainz a long for a game of pickup on "Swish," his latest single detailing his life as a young player who simply can't miss. Check out the new track for yourself in the video above.

Featuring an energetic instrumental, "Swish" sees Kid Ink deliver some casual flexes while using a laid back flow you'd think would be at odds with the bouncy track. It's not though, and the Cali MC expertly floats whether he's repeating the simple hook or going shifting between words.

On the other hand,  Mr. Chainz goes for the jugular as someone who can get your "Ma buried like Steph" and still sit courtside rocking Chanel. While they take different approaches on the track, both make it clear that if you try to ball on them, you'e better check the scouting report.

We haven't heard too much from Kid Ink lately, but if this new track is any indication, he's up to some big things in 2017. Back in December, West Coast MC uploaded an unfinished song called "Yu Know It" onto his SoundCloud, along with the promise of new music.

“A lil something to vibe out to over the Holidays… I never finished 2nd verse but felt like sharing anyway! New Music coming at the top of the year,” Kid Ink wrote at the time. He said at the top of the year, so we could very well be getting some new heat from the Summer in the Winter artist.

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