Kid Cudi sent Twitter into a frenzy in April when he tweeted out "New album this summer" and not it appears Cudi is making good on his word. The Cleveland native took to Instagram earlier today (May 11) to announce the title of the album and let go of a few song snippets.

Zooming in on a piece of paper that reads "Passion Pain & Demon Slayin," Cudder wrote "My new album is titled..." as the caption, and just like that, the rapper revealed the name of his next project. He also posted a clip from Star Wars while an instrumental from the album played in the background. "And now, a snippet and the Millennium Falcon," he wrote. "Don't tell Kanjiklub."

The "Day 'N' Nite" artist has also been responding to people on Twitter and giving bits and pieces of information about the album. Cudi said that the album will have "No sad dark songs on this one. Only light!" and that he's working closely with Mike Dean on music. More importantly, he said that Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin will "most certainly" be coming this summer.

In a recent interview with KROQ, Travis Barker claimed that he bumped into Andre 3000 during the second week of Coachella and the OutKast member told him that he had been in the studio with Cudi and was back in California to give the tracks they made another listen. Barker also recounted a time when he was working with the Ohio native in studio and he showed off his ability by playing the guitar instead of rapping.

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