Since dropping his left of center 26-track Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven album last December, Kid Cudi has made a bit of a return to his signature sound, first releasing "The Frequency" in late March, and teaming up now with Mike WiLL Made It for the new track "All In." As Cudi writes on the song's SoundCloud page, the track is "just the beginning ;)" but beginning to what — a new album, further Mike WiLL collabs? — isn't clear.

The track opens with the sounds of a rolling tide, seagulls chirping in the distance before interplanetary synths take over, the drums crashing in like a white-foamed wave. Cudi is back to his melodic, free verse ways, kicking off the song's second verse with, "Why all the fussin? I can explain / I know your heart is all in, no one takes our place / I, hate the man that I was, so I’m becoming / We’re learning together right now / Facing the man that I was, tired of running."

Back in January, Cudi announced the rescheduled dates for his Especial Tour which had to be re-planned due to production issues. The tour wrapped up in mid-March suggesting Cudder has either been hard at work on a new album since, or has been laying the groundwork for one over that same timespan. In late February, Cudi was spotted in the studio with Kanye West, working on West's Turbo Grafix 16, but who's to say some of that work didn't spill over to whatever Mr. Rager has planned.

Listen to "All In," produced by Mike WiLL up top.

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