Khia is slamming fans for comparing her to Sexyy Red and the St. Louis rapper has appeared to clap back.

Khia Goes Off After Being Compared to New Rappers

On Monday (Oct. 23), Khia went live on YouTube for a call-in show. During the nearly seven-hour marathon session, the Florida rapper addressed being compared to the new crop of female rappers, and she wasn't trying to hear it.

"These h*es was raised by Trina," Khia snapped in the video below, referencing her long-held feud with Trina. "I'm 'bout tired of y'all comparing me to these h*es...I said 'My neck, my back, my p*ssy and my crack' and still had my hair tied up like a queen. First day, I ain't changed a bit."

"It ain't eating no n***as a*s and sucking no n***as toes," she added, seemingly referencing Sukihana and Sexyy Red. "Y'all h*es couldn't have grown up listening to me. 'Cause that ain't how I roll."

Khia continued: "They're not even gonna be here in 25 years, let alone them tired-a*s songs they putting out. So don't you ever say, 'She's the original. She's Sexyy Red.' B***h, don't you ever in your life. F**k them other hoes. I said it then, and I'm saying it now."

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Sexyy Red Responds

On Thursday (Oct. 26), Sexyy Red caught wind of Khia's comments on Instagram blog The Neighborhood Talk and responded in comment section.

"Just another ol washed up h@g hatin ona young turnt rich btch," Sexyy Red wrote in a since-deleted comment. "Hatin on bad btches den & still ah mad hater."

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See Khia's rant about being compared to new female rappers below.

Check Out Sexyy Red's Response

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