Key! links up with Lil Tracy to drop "On Deck," a turn-up record that finds the two rappers spitting rhymes with Auto-Tune about anything you need.

"All sales final, final/Latrell Sprewell in the finals/All sales final, final/Latrell Sprewell in the finals/Cross a nigga out, without a doubt/Lil bitch watch your mouth, watch your mouth/Never seen a drought, my bitch like to pout/If it's in and out, we in and out," he raps.

Lil Tracy, who's a member of the Gothboyclique and a frequent collaborator with Lil Peep, comes in for the second verse.

"Stay 10 toes down while these niggas fallin' off/Now I'm hot, I got the sauce, that's that hot sauce/Niggas think I'm sweet, run up he might get popped/Skeeting on a thot, suck my dick, lollipop/Wait, hold up nigga, throw that line back/If you don't throw no shots for Ty we can't get high man," Tracy raps.

The last project from Key! was his joint mixtape with Reese LaFlareBeen Had Boyz

Bump "On Deck" below.

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