Kevin Pollari made a big splash in 2016 with his Lil Llari World EP. The Lil Yachty-assisted “Bitches on Bitches” helped the Atlanta rapper rack up 1 million plays on SoundCloud and jump on the radar of hip-hop fans around the world. Now, Pollari is ready to take the next step.

The young MC, who signed a deal with the legendary Rick Rubin, comes through with a brand new EP titled Dorothy. The project is a five-track effort with guest appearances by the aforementioned Lil Boat and Larry League. Production is handled by 808 Mafia, Sensei, EVK95 and Yung Cortex.

The "Diamonds" rapper's continued collaborations with Lil Yachty certainly help connect him to a large audience, but Pollari's new EP is proof that he's more than just a random associate of a popular artist. There is a clear reason why someone like Rick Rubin decided to get behind him and why he became a nominee for 2017 XXL Freshman class' coveted 10th spot.

Check out the tracklist and SoundCloud stream for Pollari’s Dorothy EP below. You can also purchase the project for $4.99 on iTunes, but the retail version does not include the last track "Lil Elroy Jetson."

Kevin Pollari’s Dorothy Tracklist

1. “Austin Powers” (prod. by Sensei)
2. “Blood on the Leaves” (prod. by Sensei)
3. “Speedin!” Feat. Lil Yachty and Larry League (prod. by 808 Mafia and EVK95)
4. “Star!” (prod. by Yung Cortex)
5. “Lil Elroy Jetson” (prod. by Sensei)

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