Comedian/actor Kevin Hart has had one hell of a year. Releasing a bunch of box-office movie hits like Think Like A Man Too, Ride Along, and About Last Night, the man leaves no room for sleep. Hart is back to remind people of his other passion. Kevin Hart's alter ego Chocolate Droppa is known for dropping barz. So while he was with Kendrick Lamar the comedian teased him with a few verses from his new single "That B!tc# Ain't Mine."

"I go back there all the time. I done seen her two times and I'll tell you something, it was divine but when I drank that wine....I said to myself, THAT B!TC# AIN'T MINE!"

The room was filled with laughter and encouragement as Chocoloate Droppa continued to supply verses that barely made sense. In the background onlookers began to shout that Hart should be a member of the 2015 XXL Freshmen class. For those who don't remember, Chocolate Droppa actually went after the 2011 XXL Freshman title (see below), but unfortunately didn't make the cut. Could he be attempting to take the 2015 title?