Kevin Gates has found himself at the center of another controversy. The Baton Rouge rapper recently did an interview with 106 KMEL's Shay Diddy and said he agreed with Stacey Dash's eyebrow-raising statements on the Black Lives Matter movement.

The conversation saw Kevin Gates state that there are only two types of people in life: real and fake. Gates disagreed with the Black Lives Matter movement and asserted that All Lives Matter. He also shifted the blame of police brutality onto the victims. The Baton Rouge rapper explained his own situation and said it was his own actions that caused him to have problems with police officers.

"I got my ass whooped before, but you know why? Because I was belligerent," Kevin Gates said. "I was belligerent and conducting myself like a n----r. And when I say n----r, I mean I was conducting myself in an ignorant matter. I had no respect for myself. I had no respect for the authority that was talking to me. So, I deserved what I got."

Gates explained that since he changed his behavior, he has not had any problems with law enforcement.

"I'm a convicted felon," Gates said. "I get pulled over all the time. I'm a two time convicted felon and I've been arrested for aggravated charges. I have aggravated charges on my arrest record. And when I speak to these individuals with respect, I've never had a problem since I changed the way that I conducted myself. So, I don't feel likes Black Lives Matter. I feel like All Lives Matter."

When Shay Diddy pushed back at Gates' position, he stumbled a bit. The rhymer admitted to there being officers who go too far and judge people strictly off their appearance. But the Atlantic Records artist said he could not be mad at that ignorance.

"I can't get mad at you because of your ignorance," Gates said. "You've been trained to feel that everything that's moving like this is up to no good."

Shay Diddy pointed out that such knee-jerk reactions are part of what the Black Lives Matter movement is fighting to change. Gates concluded by saying he would not let his surroundings mold him.

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