Kevin Gates season is in full effect. Today (Sept. 13), the Louisiana-bred rapper unloaded the release date for his Luca Brasi 3 mixtape along with his two new songs, "Great Man" and "Money Long." The latter song comes with a new video, as well.

First thing's first, though. Luca Brasi 3, which will be Gates' first official project since getting out of jail in January, is all set to drop on Sept. 27. That means we only have to wait another two weeks for a new Gates drop.

Gates' two new songs are all set to appear on Luca Brasi 3, and if they serve as any indication, we have a lot to be excited for. "Great Man" is an emotional, piano-driven track that sees Gates reflecting on the wins and losses of his life.

"I know how a Cuban cigar taste/But that do not deal with the heart pain," Gates raps on the song, explaining that money doesn't cure heartbreak.

On the other hand, there's "Money Long," a song and video that's loaded with confidence. The video is also pretty wild. In the visual, Gates appears to be in the midst of a war zone somewhere overseas. Jordan Spencer directs the visual, which is filled with guns and U.S. soldiers holding down their post. On the song itself, Gates does some flexing, especially on the hook.

"Money long, but my money longer," he offers on the melodic hook for the track. Sounds like Gates is in top form.

These new songs arrive nearly two months after Gates said Luca Brasi 3 would be coming soon. Now, we have a date, and two new songs ahead of the mixtape's release.

Check out "Money Long" and "Great Man" below.

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