It's been four months since Kevin Gates was released from prison but since he's been free, the rapper has yet to release any new music. That seems like it's going to change soon, as Gates gave a preview of his new songs on Instagram on Sunday (May 13).

While Gates didn't reveal any titles, the Baton Rouge, La. rapper offered a good example of what fans can expect with his new music, playing snippets of the songs and rapping along to them. "Wonder why these niggas hate me?/Probably 'cause they ain't me/I ain't never been a gang member/But Illinois labeled me a gang chief," Gates raps on one of the songs.

"Did time, wasn't really a problem," the rapper can be heard spitting on another track. "So focused I ain't checkin' the comments/Want smoke? Go relocate your momma/Been broke, had to come up from grindin'/Sold soap, had to come up no options."

Although Gates hasn't revealed if he has a new album in the works, earlier this month, his wife Dreka Gates said the rapper has been going "really really hard" in the studio and said fans could expect to hear from him soon.

Dreka also revealed Kevin is unable to travel because the Illinois Department of Corrections has prevented him from leaving the state. "The Illinois Department of Corrections has prevented Kevin from leaving the state of Illionis," she said in a video. "He isn't even allowed to come home to California where we live. Since he was released in January, he has not been able to come home not one time." Fortunately, it looks like Gates is still getting to spend time with his wife and children according to a recent Instagram post.

Listen to a few snippets of Kevin Gates' new songs below.

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