After two solid weeks of seemingly every rapper on the planet offering their opinion om Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control," the man of the hour finally broke his silence on the track. In an interview with Peter Rosenberg on Hot 97 this morning, Kendrick Lamar called in to offer his thoughts on the controversy and what he hoped to accomplish with his famous "King of New York" line.

"It made me wanna go back in and made me feel like I got to probably dumb down my lyrics nowadays, for the people to take ["the King Of New York" line] way out of context the way they did." Kendrick told Hot 97. "The irony behind it all is that the main heads that really understood the context of the line, were the actual Kings of New York... There is an understanding that it’s not about the coast, its not about what side we on, it’s about being great like Biggie and ‘Pac, the two cats that I reference from jump."

Kendrick also spoke on why it took him so long to offer his thoughts on the song. Apparently, Kendrick was on tour in the United Kingdom and lacked access to the internet.

"It took a couple of days." Kendrick said. "I was in the U.K. for a second. You can't really feel the energy out there like it be up in the States. I realized when I got some real good internet service at the particular moment and I saw a bunch of response records and I knew, for a fact, that it inspired a few cats to get out there and do their thing."

In the interview also gave his thoughts on a variety of topics including speaking with Jay Z on his verse, his thoughts on Papoose's diss and his deep respect for New York hip-hop.

You can listen to the entire interview with Peter Rosenberg in the video above.